400 Histórias para contar. (via renovador)

(via renovador)

Ela tem sérios problemas pra dormir, rola de um lado, rola de outro e não pega no sono de jeito nenhum. Ainda não sabe se sofre de insônia ou de lembranças.
Beat the heat! →


It’s now summer, well here in the Philippines I guess, and oh God it’s been really hot these past few weeks! It’s like I’ve been placed inside the oven! So much for climate change and whatever humans do to destroy our world.

Anyway, I’ve been looking to some pictures of quenchers and other stuffs…


This scene entire movie was brilliant perfect amazing written by Jesus.

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Anonymous asked: hi my friend cut herself for the first time. im so lost and worried about her. just needed to share.



You just have to comfort her through this. Tell her that this isn’t something worth getting addicted to. Because this addiction isn’t a pain that anyone deserves in this world. So keep trying to comfort her and tell her that she’ll be alright. And that you will be there as a friend to help her overcome the cutting and the pain she’s going through. I guess that is what I would say. BUT REGARDLESS I know that you are doing a great job in being a friend to her. Hang in there. 

Anonymous asked: You're so cute! Please never give up!



You too! :) 

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